Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


Often times people may never understand you, but it's not your responsibility to work at helping them to understand you. You will always be a peculiar person, meaning, different. That difference is to separate you from the norm so that God may identify you amongst the common. Don't allow yourself to be responsible for others to accept you and your difference(s). Anything that is forced is unnatural and will cause you to feel strained. Instead, be yourself and allow those who are meant to be in your intimate circle naturally draw to it. Sometimes our intimate circle is meant to be small for a reason, it doesn't mean you aren't loved or accepted. It means that you are different and everyone isn't meant to partake of your uniqueness. Be comfortable with yourself and difference and you will have peace and an intimate cirlce of authenticity. If you choose to spend energy on others that don't understand and/or accept your difference(s), you will give over your power to an unworthy or negative source. We are to follow the path of our spiritual purpose and not be afraid of where that may take us. The uncomfortable is often the direction we are purposed to go in, but because it's uncomfortable, we forfeit it taking the comfortable route. Once you settle in your true identity (dffierence) and become comfortable with it, you will find that much of what you feared was a trick or plot of the adversary to keep you from coming into your ordained purpose. Reject false rejection, it's a plot by the adversary to steal your peace, comfort in your true identity and your authentic inner circle.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!

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