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WHY DID IT HAPPEN TO ME: "Loose me devil!"

This blog is one that will expose the devil and its tactics and how REAL it is that spirits travel and jump onto us.  Even though we are saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, it doesn’t mean that the adversary won’t launch a full blown demonic attack on you.  I know, we are called Apostles and Prophets and dare not mention that we have come under the influence of a demonic force, right?  Of course not, we are anointed, gifted and called to make a difference in the Kingdom, and therefore, we are above such a thing.  We only encounter such demonic activity while we minister and operate in the ministry of deliverance for others.  I struggled with this entire experience for many reasons, to name a few: 1) I’m a mental health clinician, 2) I’m a Prophet and operate in revelatory knowledge, prophetic insight and prophecy and 3) I’m a Apostolic Minister.  The three of these made me feel extremely vulnerable to myself and shameful that I was in a situation where I had to admit that I was under the influence of a demonic spirit!  How could I deal with such, how did I even know what it was?  I had to face this situation in real way and not sugar coat with, “I’m Prophetess Corey and surely I’m anointed enough to know that I’m not experiencing the dark side!”  Well, I knew that would not set me free from this situation!  So, what happened?  On May 29th, I had an appointment with my doctor for a routine visit.  I entered the exam room normally and waited patiently for my doctor to enter.  He entered the room and performed his normal exam.  He asked how have I been feeling and how was I sleeping at night.  I replied, “I feel great, I may wake once or twice through the night but not big deal.”  He then asked, “Do you get tired during the day, I say, sometimes, it’s normal to me.”  He had only been in the room about one minute, he said, “You may have sleep apnea.”  Immediately, my spirit revolted!  I felt something loose in that moment!  He said, I would like to refer you for a sleep study, I’m still feeling strange about him jumping to that conclusion.  Keep in mind, I have never had sleep issues and just had a discussion about how GREAT I sleep!  So, I left the doctor’s office and the entire time I was driving, I felt something manifesting but had no idea what was to come.  I returned home later that night and turned in as usual, however, I felt something just wasn’t quite right.  I tossed and turned the entire night, my breathing was different, it felt shallow and I felt nervous!  I arose the next  morning feeling extremely drained having gotten NO sleep.  I turned in the next day, same experience, tossed and turned the entire night, my breathing felt weird again and my mind raced.  By day three, I had become fully embodied by this spirit that was released in the doctor’s office.  I knew that I was under a spiritual attack!  By Monday, my thinking was terribly blunted and I was having anxiety prior to bed time, I was afraid to go to bed because of this tormenting spirit that was present.  That morning I called my husband from work and told him that I was experiencing a demonic attack that had come to steal my sleep, wear me down and cause my mind to begin to slip into a depression!  You see, I’m called to minister to people that are in need of healing, deliverance and restoration and I was faced with needing the same ministry.  I was having anxiety about sleeping for fear that I wouldn’t wake up the next day!  Satan had used my doctor of 28 years to plant a demonic seed of sleep deprivation!  That would cause me to be tired, weary, depressed and ultimately neglect the assignment that I’m completing and just normal healthy functioning.  I was overcome four days with complete torment of my mind!  I had uncontrollable crying spells, anxiety and depression; I was a complete mess.  Once I talked to my husband and asked him to pray and cover me, I then knew that the prophet was seeing this as a full blown demonic attack on me.  I cried out to him to help me subdue this spirit on me!  That night I went into full blown spiritual warfare and called satan out and told him I was ready to fight for my life!  I was ready to regain my sleep and peace of mind.  I began to pray and repent for anything that I may have done ignorantly against the will of God.  I prayed Philippians 4:7 and specific prayer of restorative sleep, healing sleep, sleep that renews my mind and prepares me for Kingdom work at day break, sleep that rejuvenates my body and restore all that sleep provide our body for healthy functioning.  You see, satan had attacked my most critical element, my body, mind and spirit!  He knew the way to gain entrance to my body was through my doctor, my health advisor!  I’m very health conscious and extremely active.  Once I garnered the strength to strategize how I would handle this, I took authority over my sleep, mind and body and suffocated satan and his imps!  We turned in that night and subdued the adversary!  I am still rebounding from this horrific experience because it took a toll on my body and mind, but I can say with assurance to you that spirits travel and embody!  I returned to work the next day and a co-worker said to me, “you look like you are a different person today; you look refreshed.”

Never could anyone have told me that I would have a four day nightmare of fighting for my life because satan wanted me to slip away and denounce what I know.  I minister healing, deliverance and restoration, and if I couldn’t get myself delivered from this spirit, how could I minister to others?  If I couldn’t be transparent and admit that I had been attacked by a demonic spirit, how could I minister in truth to others?  It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel quite right but I know that it’s important to share this experience because I’m certain that other Apostle’s and Prophet’s have had similar demonic attacks on them but are shameful to discuss it for various reasons.  We don't have to minister in shame, guilt or dishonesty.  We can free more by being free and transparent!  My freedom is more important than looking fine and anointed!  My freedom is more important than walking in shame of having done self deliverance!  My freedom is more important than living in a weak state!  So, thank God for his redemption upon me and strengthening me in my mind, body and spirit.  I see that satan’s kingdom is terrified of my assignment.  My destiny is greater than the devil’s plot to destroy me.  I release this because I’m not in fear or believe that I need to be silent about it.  I’m walking in full assurance that Jesus’ name, word and blood has POWER to subdue the adversary and its plot to destroy me. 

God’s blessings upon you!

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