Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


I was doing some reflecting and I want to share some things for you to consider. I'm a believer that we have to consider both the natural and spiritual to assess, plan and execute. As I thought about some things, my schooling and the Holy Spirit kicked in. I believe that many things are aligning in my life but I looked back over my life and considered how I got here and why it's important to b...e at this place. There were some critical steps that helped me to fully process and go through to develop my self awareness, trust, identity and stability/establishment. My self awareness was present in my interactions with others, I allowed my "true" self to emerge. My identity developed out of authentic relationships, experiences, education and accomplishments. Of course, there are many more steps to consider, but in the interest of time, I'm fast forwarding. So, upon considering all these things, your life's progression should connect and build upon each step. I've not forgotten the stability step, just ride with me. If you fail to go through these critical steps, you will more times than not get stuck some where in the process and spend your wheels. Self awareness helps you to identify and emerge in who you are, your personality and characteristics. The spiritual side will strengthen you and ground you as a spiritual person; you develop both spiritual and natural characteristics that balance you out and make you more appealing in all relationships. When you fail to enter this stage, you become all things to people and lack self confidence internally, but project externally. You enter relationships that don't really identify with who you really are because you haven't identified that or experienced that process. Your trust is now compromised in many ways, you trust based on your desires instead of dependability and quality. Why? Because self awareness hasn't been recognized. You end up in hurtful relationships and/or depressed from frustration. Your mood cycles from happy to sad based on whose giving you attention. Whereas, if you had self awareness and identity, you would have confidence and trust from within that will always sustain you even while you're alone. These steps in life are often missed based on your upbringing and/or experiences. If you reflect on your life, you'll identify where you skipped a step or process. The spiritual side heals and restores us to help catch us up but you must be honest and acknowledge where you are. What else happens? As you advance through life depending on where you are, you become angry and unfulfilled and blame others for your short comings. You see your life as not measuring up but in reality, you are experiencing a void from one of the missing steps. Your identity and self awareness will most often fulfill emptiness and you'll draw fulfilment from many relationships, social activities and Christ! There is no greater joy than being whole and in Christ. When you fulfill these processes, you enter stability and establishment. This step is where it all comes together and you are healthy, have your self awareness, identity and trust; you can relax! This is who you are meant to be; things begin to align all around you. You're not tossed to and fro and you are now drawing all things meant to be in your life; you're stable and established. When you become angry, frustrated, depressed over your life, there's something you've missed and you must identify or else that spirit will reek and push others away. Don't become one who cannot heal or recoup the lost step(s). Every negative thought, feeling, attitude and disposition has an adverse affect on you that reeks, yet you don't see it. It's in your smile, walk, words, thoughts, acts, heart, mind and spirit; will that attract the same or what's contrary? You give off what you're carrying inside. But, thank God, He can restore what you missed.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!

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