Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


The question, "what will it take to come out?" is real and a necessary question for so many.  Some ask, why are so many in the Body of Christ broken and can't find their way out of their rut.  You ever wonder why you feel happy one day and then the very next day you're depressed or melancholy, and you notice there is definitely a pattern when it comes and go?  You keep smiling and going along as if this will just go away on it's own, only to realize, it hasn't and it keeps befriended you.  The spirit of heaviness seems to plague you and you keeping looking for a way out.  Sunday morning is your outlet, you feel rejuvinated after church and ready to face the week.  But, come Monday, you're melancholy again and you just can't fathom what or how to overcome this spirit. What you must do is understand that satan's battlefield is your mind, you must take authority and pull down the strongholds over you.  Getting rank prayer for this condition is helpful, but you must not open the door to the spirit of depression once prayed for.  Seeking ungodly methods to releive your heaviness will only allow the demons to revisit the vessle and find it ripe for them again.  defeating the spirit of heaviness, hopelessness, depression, melancholy requires you to know the enemies tactics, Begin to take obeservation of how satan comes to attack you and begin to pray against it and use the word of God to fight the battle!  You must not engage in anything contrary to the word of God, for doing so will only subject you to the world of satan and to take you back to the starting place of deliverance.  Pulling down strongholds involves subduing and taking authority of the spirit and patterns that occupy you.  DO NOT allow yourself to accept mind-sets contrary to God's image of you.  In other words, you are not a product of your past, how you once did things or your family does things.  Were you delivered out that and out of a bad and negative attitude?  Were you delivered out of reacting and responding to people in a harsh aggressive fashion?  If you were, DO NOT accept the adversary telling you that it's okay to return to those former things.  Strongholds require you to literally think different and take on the image and mind of Christ.  You aren't defending the enemy, you are defending the Christ in you!  All of this is "What It will take" to come out of your state of depression, hopelessness, melancholy and spirit of heaviness.  When those demons return back to you, let then find a clean house!  You are not a house party for satan but a holy temple for Spirit of God to reign, rule and abide in.  Know your strongholds and begin to cast down imagination: bring thoughts into captivity and renew your mind in Chirst.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!

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