Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


What do we really want out of life?  Are we really content with being saved, righteous and fully submitted and yeilded to Christ?  I wonder if Christ could gain access to our most intimate thoughts, what would He be privy and/or exposed to?  In my deepest of thoughts and ponderings, I cannot help but to inquire of these things.  Should I think it's really necessary to explore such indepth things and just accept that we live as we do?  I would beg to differ for some specifc reasons.  See, I have always been a philospher in my own little right, but as my relationship with Christ grew over the years, I came to know and understand that it wasn't really a philospher as much as it was me hearing the heart beat of our Father.  See, I truly believe that the people of God are in need of beneath the surface healing, God's divine presence and purpose in their lives.  If you are tapped into the spirit of people, you cannot miss what the eyes to the soul are speaking.  What can we do as leaders in the Kingdom?  What should our role be as leaders in the Kingdom?  I believe that we must present the Kingdom and not "us" per se to people.  The saints need to be led to God to experience his unfailing love and presence.  It's in His presence that we experience the fulness of joy!  When we get the saints into His presence, lasting change takes place, transformation happens and a new spirit is created.  If you are a worshipper of God, then you cannot ignore this need in the earth, you are accountable to usher the saints into God's presence for an authentic life changing experience.  Too many have their arms extended, pleading for God to take them in, yet they don't know how to get there, don't know how to hear Him and don't know how to discern what is the "true" living spirit of God?  Oh my heart, my soul and my spirit need to be yielded and need to release this word.  I see the heart crying out for more, but the cost is so great, and many struggle with the cost of the fullness of joy through entering into His presence.  Even greater pain is the joy that comes through means that simply satisfy your being temporarily and until you meet up with lonliness again.  There is a sustaining peace and joy that comes when you authentically join into a relationship with Christ.  When you know your life is pure and righteous, and trust that every step is ordered of the Lord, you should expect and know there is peace in that life.  No one person can ever fulfill your happiness and/or purpose in life.  You can gain that by truly acknowledging who you are in the Kingdom, and be completely OK with it!  I have written many blogs and post about being our authentic selves.  I find no greater fulfillment than being exactly who God's sees me as, no matter what anyone else thinks or says, it's my destiny and only I can walk in it.  So, don't agree with temporal excitement, and you then explore deeper revelatory things that ultimately bring you face to face to reality!  Don't run from that reality, begin to nuture it and keep it before the Lord in prayer and He will help you define that moment and ongoing.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!

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