Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


There are many lessons learned as we navigate through life’s many roads, doors and situations.  The one thing that I have come to learn is that connecting to who you are in the moment helps us to see things through a clear lens.  I find that so important because if we are to develop and grow futuristically, we really need to know our true self in place and time.  Now, there is a contrast difference is envisioning your future and who God says you are, that inspires and creates hope within!  I am sincere about this message of not fluffing up ourselves and portraying a different person than we really are.  There is no power and/or authority in that.  You only have authority over that which God has placed in your sphere of influence.  You waste time, energy and resources being someone different than you really are.  Moreover, when you get home and look in the mirror, disappointment will be written all over the mirror.  This kind of deception can open the door to depression and discouragement because you will measure yourself against others who may or may not have what it is that you want.  God can work on us when we are sincere and pure in our hearts.  He will provide everything that we seek for and need because He is sure to give you the authority within your given sphere.  Trying to have authority in a sphere that does not belong to you is illegal in a sense and will not yield true fruits.  You authority will always be confirmed (a witness) is important.  If you have never gotten a witness for whom or what you believe is your place in life, then you may be seeking something that does not belong to you.  What happens is your efforts become based all on intellect and not the Holy Spirit giving you instruction.  We can admire what others do, but we should not want to covet those works.  We should open ourselves to honestly hear what the Holy Spirit reveals about who we are and not be afraid of what is said.  There is nothing glorious about being like someone else, but there is beauty in being “YOU.”  Beauty because you were the only person created to do the things the way you do them or say the things they way you say them.  The creativity in you is meant to inspire someone that doesn’t have what you have!  When you stifle your true inner beauty, you limit the gift you have to others or even obliterate it.  That is more hurtful to God then portraying the likeness or gifts of others.  True place in time is priceless and there is so much wisdom in it, if only we tapped into the place.  We weren’t all meant to be leaders, Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Teachers or whatever profession you work in.  If we rest long enough in His presence and listen to Him, we can find our inner self and voice; it may even be a supernatural moment!  That shift can remove you from the illegal into the legal realm of authority instantaneously. Don’t become anxious about your current place or future, just rest in knowing that God delivers based on our readiness and obedience to His principals.  You will find rest and peace in this place.  You will blossom and matriculate into that destined place of authority.  For clarity, authority hear just means that you have aligned with God’s will and the authority needed to advance to be effective is given.  When something is legal, you are given rights and authority to enter, so don’t delay, just obey.  True Place and Time…….


~RWM, healing a generation of people!  

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