Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


Why won't this shadow go away?  Why have I looked in the mirror and the reflection of my past won't seem to disipate when I wipe away the steam from the mirror?  I keep seeing the shadow of my pain from the past.  This may be your story, this may be your experience.  The shadow that keeps appearing is a stark reminder that God hasn't quite finished the work within you, but it doesn't mean that the work cannot be completed.  The shadows of your past can keep you in a place of stagnation but you have a few choices.  Deep rooted pain can resurface in many ways and the reflection that you see in the mirror is indeed a reminder that the pain is unforgiving.  But, taking control over deep rooted pain is an honest process to restoration.  Yes, pain can be unforgiving because it really wants to keep you in bondage and not allow you to heal.  You may ask why haven't I healed from tihis pain that keeps resurfacing?  Trust, forgiveness, spiritual connection, authenticity, righteousness, love yourself, healthy relationship(s), etc.  These things are part of your process to restoration.  You must connect with "self" and first accept "self."  Livng happy on the outside but struggling on the inside with loving you and your life, will keep the deep rooted pain living dormant and resurface uncontrollably.  Many woman live in the shadow of their pain because it's embarassing to admit that past pain still haunts them.  Pain is NOT an embarrassment and shouldn't be a secret, it's a symptom that the body wants to reject, that's why it comes to a head!  The head contains the poison of pain that the body is rejecting.  Why some don't heal.....  Unless you honestly dissect your pain, and acknowledge and forgive anything or anyone, you will live a lie.  You can never be happy living a secret, i.e., "lie."  The shadow of your pain that won't go away will manifest and cancel out all the things that you truly desire to have and uphold.  Pain does not feel good and in order to release the pain, you often inflict pain, if undealt with.  Remember, pain builds to a head and must be released!  You can heal, you should heal and you should be free from the destruction of pain! Deep rooted pain that is left dormant will rob you of happiness and healthy relationships; and utlimately makes you think your are the victim.  The next time you look in the mirror and see the shadow of your past pain, don't ignore it but acknowledge it and call out those people or things that hurt you.  Acknowledge your dissapointments but don't blame others and forgive those you have blamed.  The reflection of your past pain don't have to define your present or future.  God liberally gives us love, peace and joy and He wants us to liberally share it with others,  healthy emotions and freedom from past pain will create an array of sunshine and bliss in you life.  You have the power to love deeply, give freely, smile authenticially and have long lasting relationshiips. 


~RWM, healing a generation of people!


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