Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


We are indeed comfortable with being who we “believe” we are, that can take on a different meaning for everyone but what does it mean to God?  If being closed to others makes you comfortable and you have a desire that calls for you to interact, minister and help others, “the not so obvious button” has meaning for you.  I know you must be thinking, what missing button?  Well, for some it’s figurative but for others, it’s that missing button from a piece of attire.  You see, it would require me to experience much of what I write in order to write it.  However, God does provide insight into many of my writings, so that I may help another in the place he/she are currently in.  The button that I am referring to is the one that fasten together some piece of clothing.  To paraphrase, the button fastens your clothing to prevent exposure.  That’s the natural meaning; however, the spiritual meaning of a lost button is different.  Many are physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally secluded “closed off,” that they have subdued the existence of what they are called to do.  Exposure of one’s self doesn’t necessarily mean that you will expose your deepest hidden secrets but it does mean that you will feely give of who you are and how you can be a healer to another person.  When we become transparent, we release the balm that is meant to bring healing and comfort to a body of people.  That lost button should never be recovered, if it is, it will only serve to isolate your heart and your balm “comfort” of peace and healing to others.  We cannot possibly be used to serve and help others when we are closed off to them.  No matter the past of anyone, when God is positioning you to move out, you must be ready to lose that button permanently and be comfortable with exposing those hidden areas of your life.  This is not meant to bring disparagement to you, but disclosure in a constructive fashion.  When we come out into the open but have fears of being open, we only create a perimeter that is meant to reach a segregated number of people, when God is calling us to reach a multitude of people.  That happens by a restricted “button.” I know the button may seem silly to some, but may I now share why I chose to title this with “button.”  You see, I dreamed about a lost button on my coat, I searched an entire parking lot filled with snow, looking for the button.  When I awoke I don’t recall ever finding the button.  I searched God and my spirit led me to the understanding that God wants us to be more opened than ever before!  It’s almost never comfortable to be a quiet in spirit person but necessary to open ourselves up to others.  Don’t look to replace the lost button; but be comfortable with exposing “you” because so many are in need of whose behind the fasten “button.” 


~RWM, healing a generation of people!

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