Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


Good Day ☝God is!  I'm discovering on this amazing journey that purpose truly has a signature.  Meaning, it has an identified trade mark that clearly let's you know you're on the right path of purpose.  Something happens when God's chosen makes a determined decision to answer and follow the call upon his/her life.  There's an amazing stream of miracles, if you will, that begins to happen, all because God's appointed and chosen answers the call.  When you begin to put things in motion, heaven and earths resources and favor aligns to bring about miracles.  Why do I refer to these as miracles?  Because it doesn't happen to everyone, only those appointed and called for the assignment.  You see, God has to respond to your faith!  Because faith is the leading and guiding force, everything you need and touch will manifest the vision.  Listen, don't discount God's timing to a coincidence!  God operates on karios timing, so simply because you're in position at that time, He yields in your favor.  My faith is crazy enough to believe that simply because I'm in step with my calling and assignment in the earth, that everything I attempt, God will place me ahead and even change policy because his work is neccsary and kingdom is coming. You're in His purpose for your life when you experience uncommon favor while walking in faith to unfold the vision/purpose. Everything should be aligning in you're favor!  If I could share it all, I would but I'm wise enough to understand timing.  I have made many attempts in past times, but what I see now is a clear indication of what true purpose looks likes and how God operates in it. When God's chosen is about our Father's business, he will see about yours and every red light turns green, and every yields signs turns to proceed!  So, we get to this place of normalcy opposed to disbelief, because we walk in boldness and authority and we understand that God is working on our behalf and that should be normalcy.  So, every action I take, I approach it with, this aligns with the purpose so it's a green light!  

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