Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


It is possible to have a mindset developed out of a behavior that will metamorphosis into a stronghold.  You may be thinking that a stronghold is delivered by the adversary, but the truth of the matter is a person can be matched up with a stronghold through behaviors that have been a part of their personal life and/or environment.  A stonghold is a pattern and idea that governs a person.  A stronghiold is a mindset, thought pattern and processes that causes a person to act, react and respond in a particular manner and contrary to the ways of God. Strongholds are often submerged in a person because they have developed an unhealthy pattern for responding and reacting to certain situations.  Moreover, strongholds are manifested out of rebellion; when you refuse to do a certain thing and after a while, it becomes a stronghold.  The adversary longs to breed in these types of attitude(s).  He, the adversary will grab hold of you and the very thing that God wants to deliver you out of, you give over to the adversary because you hold onto the mindset and/or attitude.  If you refuse to do what God has called you to do in any situation and hold onto that belief for a period of time, a stronghold will manifest and you will find it virtually impossible to come out of the behavior!  These strongholds are what I call "matched with a stronghold" because you have allowed it to occur out of rebellion.  When you speak to yourself about what you "will" or "will not" do, ultimately, it becomes a stronghold.  We canot "self will" against the desire(s) of God and expect that an opening for a stronghold won't manifest.  Anytime we thrust against the will of God, you are creating a stronghold.  This behavior acutally defends the adversay and rebels against God's Kindgom!  Strongholds are not the will of God, that is the reason why we pull them down and hold them captive to the full obedience of God's word.  You give the adversary power, control and space to breed in greater numbers because he is hidden in your mindset, behaviors and patterns.  No one wants to admit that they have a stronghold, but it's undeniable when you flat out refuse to do things God's way.  Nothing can be born out of that but a stronghold!  When you are adamant about doing things according to the will and way of God, you then force the adversary and his strongholds to loose its grip on you and liberate your mind in a godly way!  Even when it feels against your best desire, resist it and the devil has got to flee!  Strongholds open you to demonic and satanic attacks!  Strongholds are influenced by satan and designed to attract evil to you and your sphere.  They are designed to influence your ways, thoughts and patterns.  Release the power of the Holy Ghost by submitting to God's way and you will cause your life and the Kingdom of God to be protected!  Matched to a stronghold is NOT to be taken lightly, it is a hidden evil that will destroy anything you put your hands to!  Cast down every stronghold in your life, in Jesus' name.

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