Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


Often times you may feel very alone in your journey, wanting and waiting for another to affirm you, but often times, it never comes.  If you are to build up your confidence and stand on the truth and promises of God, then you will have to know and accept that your walk may be a lonely journey.  Part of being whole and healthy, is accepting that you know that God has called you to this place and you won't take your eyes off of Him.  When you believe that your purpose and/or validation is based upon another's opinion of you, then you will persist in an unhealthy state of mind.  When you have a made up mind that you may have to walk alone at times, it is a sign that you are walking with Christ and trusting in His unchanging hand!  This place of maturation is a must for the one that wants to break loose from the bondage of needing others to affirm, quailify or validate you.  The trick of the adversary is to keep you in a "needy" place, which ultimately causes you to miss out on key growth steps to your destiny.  Each time you take a step towards trusting in Christ, even if that means doing it alone, you become stronger, wiser and healthier.  When you look for others to validate you, essentially, you make yourself "weak" and dependent upon others to make what Christ is able to do for you.  I called these tactics, "self willing" your way to your destiny; you become dependent upon your own devises as well as others.  It will never be enough if you rely on another to validate you, it will never be enough if seek out others to affirm you; only what you do for Christ will last. 


IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH...until you allow Christ to validate you, who you are and what you are called to do in the Kingdom of God.


~RWM...healing a generation of people!


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