Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing



The experience of God's presence is much much more than what we could ever imagine.  When entering into God's presence or calling upon His presence, it isn't a matter of how anointed you are or how much you think you know Him or about Him.  I believe that those that God can trust with His heart and His people, will experience the true nature of God and His glory.  God's true nature, presence and glory is so profound that it would require for us to have a profound relationship, prayer life and honesty about ourselves in order to call down this kind of glory.  I do not believe that God will allow for anyone that does not have a true and pure heart to solicit His presence and glory, He wold not respond to such a voice. God's glory realm is a place of peace, healing and restoration.  So, He would expect the voice that is calling upon Him to walk in that realm of revelation.  We cannot decide to love one day and hate another day, God would not respond to a voice that operates as such.  We will never be a perfect people until the day of Christs' return, but we do have to have the scent of a pure and clean heart.  When we solicit God's presence out of a defiled heart, we are placating Him and creating an atmosphere of witchcraft!  God's presence and glory realm comes out of obedience and love for Him and His people.  The true purpose of God's glory realm is for communion; it is to introduce us to a greater understanding of His Kingdom.  His word is clear and undefiled, so when He said to worship Him in spirit and truth, a liar could never tarry in His sight.  God knows the heart of man and will honor it only if the heart operates out of truth!  Worship is a place of truth that carries us in the spirit to receive ALL that we need and desire.  The language of the spirit realm isn't mystical, it is divine and loving; it carries a sound to heaven that unleashes the oil that flow from heaven.  That oil is the Holy Spirit!  You cannot be the same once you have been given access to this realm of glory, you can NEVER be the same and people can never see you the same.  Many want the realm of glory and feel they cannot attain it, but you can and you should.  Nothing about God comes without a cost, you must give over to God more time, more prayer and more worship.  Free yourself from things that are not of God; His heart cries out pain to envy, hatred, jealousy, malice, backbiting, gossping and ridicule.  You can never enter into an authentic glory realm if you operate in those areas.  God's love and grace is for you, and He desires to sup with us.  a Full course meal is awaiting you

~RWM, healing a generation of people! 

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