Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


I don’t care to be the censor police of social media for many reasons!  I gave it some thought and the more I pondered on this, the more I felt compelled to speak on it.  We are accountable for what we say, tag, post and repost no matter what social media venue we use.  Having a title doesn’t exempt anyone from being responsible for the message that they disseminate across these venues.  If your purpose is to bring healing and deliverance to another, I pray that your process of healing and deliverance was done in a way that you were affirmed, nurtured, spiritually renewed and emotionally healed.  Because you have gone through something, it doesn’t necessarily give you a license to take others through a counter productive process.  For if your experience was truly a broken place, low self esteem, emotional torment and you came out, PLEASE be careful how you witness to others.  Using carnality, worldly methods/systems and counter productive means of what you think is revelation is non productive to people working to become “whole.”  You cannot speak to a wounded soul using visual displays of things that are rooted in immorality and perversion.  No matter how much you believe in your message or methods, it does not provide for a holistic vehicle to healing and deliverance.  I am saddened that we have come to a place in end times where more and more dispensationalist is surfacing.  They are disguised as Kingdom minded people but below the surface struggle with their own demons.  It wouldn’t be noble of me to ignore what is near and dear to my heart and not sound the alarm.  Saints, I realize we are in end times and more and more Apostles, Prophets, Bishop, Evangelist; Pastors are going to fail the Body of Christ.  But, we must have our spiritual eyes and ears in tune to what is being released across these social media venues as a “self help” means.  When you see comments that “forewarn” you, that you are about to watch something that you should guard your spirit, DON’T BE HOODWINKED!  God’s word and message is unadulterated and does need a warning label.  I am finding more and more warning signs prior to viewing various things posted on these venue; they are often rooted in sexual perversion, blasphemy, demonic activity and witchcraft.  If you are not grounded and walking in complete healing and deliverance, all it takes is one viewing and you spirit has been opened to a demonic force that will begin to speak its language to you.  Next thing you know, you are enticed to do what you see, wear what you see and try what you see.  That is not a revelatory message of deliverance; it’s a message of enticement for the weak and wounded souls.  We are living in an era where the very elect are being bamboozled into believing that methods associated with sexual perversion, demonic underground activity, and the newest fad(s) are ways and things that we can glean from to gain an understanding of who we are and being free from bondage.  I consider myself to be one that is open minded and willing to see beyond my opinion and views, but at some point I draw a line in the sand and connect with the Holy Spirit of wisdom and counsel!  We are accountable as leaders and should really make a concerted effort to seriously think about what we put out across these social media venues.  Everyone is not in a good sound place and you cannot counsel people on social media venues using methods that open them in areas that may have been their struggle prior to deliverance.  Moreover, some may not be past the place of weakness or easily tempted.  Accountability has no title, it is not above reproach.  The next time you decide to use methods to reach people and/or disseminate a message of hope, you should use the safest route to create an atmosphere of safety, love and godliness.  Our own secret desires, unfulfilled desires, partial healing/deliverance and prideful disposition are leading saints down a path of self destruction and likely no one will be there to pick them up because you are miles away in another city.  The next time you decide to use social media on behalf of God and the people, please seek God about whether or not your disclaimer and method will edify the Body of Christ, or satisfy a hidden desire that lies dormant in your spirit and is given life through these venues.  To God be the glory in all that we say and do.  Blessings! 


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