Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


That place many of us called the "wildermness" or the "desert."  Whatever you call it, it was a place of death or survival.   If you are still in your wilderness or desert place, just hold on, there is a dawning coming!  If you allow for God to minister to you and know that He has not left you, He's walking with you and protecting you from death! The wilderness or desert is not meant to kill or destroy you, but to refine you into a jewel to present before the King and his people.  That place introduced you to a world that only the strong could survive, only those truly given over to Christ for salvation could survive.  That place revealed just who you are, how much staminia you have and how much trust you have; it was meant to break you down and place you at the feet of the Father!  During the walk in that place, many couldn't see the diamond in the ruff, they saw a broken down and unbecoming vessel.  No one could see your potential, all they saw was your scares, bruises and weak exterior; you had become what many didn't want to spend time nuturing, mentoring, coaching and ministering to.  Could it be that you were someone that satan had marked or pinned as never making it out of the " place, He salivated at you feeling defeated, feeling like this would never pass, he waited for you to say, God will never rescue me out of this "place."  But, God called out to Lazarus and said, "come out!"  He called your dead spirit out of death into His light!  He medicated the pain with His medicine of love and comfort.  You made your way to the hem of His garment, and literally touched it!  Your issue no longer had power over you, it no longer kept you hidden in the dark deep place of resentment, discouragement, anger, disillusion, perverted thoughts, suicidial ideation and halluncinations.  Satan thought that you would never get the revelation of freedom, he thought that you would stay married to your " place ," but you SURVIVED!  You came out victorious and that former place is now your testimony of what God is able to do.  From that place.....I SURVIVED!  I celebrate you today and I see such a beautiful refined diamond purified by the fire!

~RWM, healing a generation of people!

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