Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


There comes a time when you know that God is pointing you in another direction, but the fear of the unknown grips you and you become a hostage to the familiar place in your life.  This conflict of adhering to God's voice and instruction verses succumbing to the fear of the unknown is often the barrier to your breakthrough.  When you see fear for what it is and why it grips you, you can better understand that it really has no substance!  Fear is not made of any real substance because it is rooted out of the work of the adversary.  Fear is manifested out of wrong doing, punishment and retaliation.  So, when you allow fear to dictate your actions and words, it's often because you are operating out of one of those.  There is no way that you can please God and/or submit to His ways in fear because you will always be hindered by the voice of the adversary.  The adversary comes to kill, steal and destroy!  If God is calling you out of a particular place and/or situation and you believe that the unknown will swallow you up, it's not the reality.  God's voice is very clear, His instructions are very clear and purposeful, we tend to cloud it with our own perception out of that fear.  God has not given you the spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound mind.  Can you see the difference?  When you operate out of God's purpose, He gives you all that you need to trust and take that next step.  The old and familiar, especially when it has no meaningful purpose or plan for your life, is only meant to keep you from experiencing the greater things in life and the new beginnings of something fresh and successful.  The unknown should stir excitement, especially if you know that God is in the center of it.  To fear is to be frightened; it is terror, dread, horror, freight, panic, alarm, trepidation and apprehension.  None of these line up with what God said in His word; He said, love, power and a sound mind!  There is a tremendous difference here.  When you decide to acknowledge that what is holding you back is the comfort of the familiar, you can begin to see how it's associated with fear and it's purpose.  There are many exercises to employ to combat fear, but finding the most effective one is key.  I believe that connecting with God's promise/word and then make the association with the new place, all while accepting that you belong there.  If you have been in your current situation for sometime, the courage to trust God has more meaning than ever before, you can never experience this new level or place in the same mindset.  When you hold on to people or things that are not a part of the new beginning, you only delay and create more uncertainty in your life.  What God has for you in this "unknown" place could never harm or hurt you, God is love and assurance.  We create that world out of our own fear!  Every place that God took , Abraham, Issac and Jacob, were unknown.  The God of these great men are a testimony of our covenant and promise.  They didn't have any assurance accept that God would never lead them astray.  I believe we must have the same kind of faith and assurance today.  Don't cleave onto the familiar out of fear or some unhealthy emotional tie.  Once you accept that you have no choice but to be obedient and follow the steps that have been ordered of the Lord, you will feel the power of your release and freedom to explore your options with great confidence.  I sense that your process of accepting the unknown is the turning point of many new things in your life.  God would like to introduce you to what has been uniquely created for you, designed for you and fitted for you.  Every vision and plan given by God is meant to impact a person, body of people, place, etc.  So, the plan isn't about "you" or "us" but it's about God's plan having an impact on those mentioned above.  So, when we focus on that, we remove "us" from the equation and allow God to have his way in creating a situation that He can powerfully use you, and the unknown becomes a place of comfort and security.  God has no reason to plant fear in you, but every reason to encourage you to pursue what is often "Unknown."

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