Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing

2015 Prophetic Word

My word to you is to be a good stewart over your possessions. Remove all fear and responsibly accomplish your purpose in this season of expedition. I believe that God is going to carry us through the process with great favor because time is winding up and His plan in the earth must come to past. Your plan should be sound proof and beneficial to the kingdom because God will expedite those plans, you will not have the same process as the average person. The clear passage for some is only because God has to expedite the plan to establish his kingdom. This is not an open door carte blanche, but a purposeful positioning. Some will experience a defeat because God was not part of your plan and because His kingdom must come, the plans of those rooted in self will cave in. The exposure of those operating in "self" and greed will unfortunately suffer great financial collapse. The church and its role will be put to test in 2015! The Kingdom of God is near and the perfection of the church will be critical in the preparation of the soon coming King! There is no time for folly, kingdom wars or divisive ideology but we must unite as a body. Repentance for error and forgiveness is a MUST! For any believer that walks in a cold unforgiving heart will not experience the Kingdom of God. Clearing the way for God's direction will only come by repentance for your error. Clean your slate of old baggage and broken relationship(s). Obedience will be what God is looking for, regardless of how difficult the circumstance, obedience will honor God and promote you. The most difficult challenge in your obedience will be an indicator of your positioning in this coming year. The time is such that we must align our purpose with obedience and with God's kingdom purpose. Your unwilling flesh will have no comparison to the stripped grace of God for your disobedience to repent of your error.

Political dynamics will be at an all time high, we'll witness new alliances and the falling out of some. The world tragedies will force a more united America, but power struggles will continue to ensue. We'll witness some very strategic political maneuvering from the current administration. These plans will mark a new day in Washington's political stratagem. I've already stated a week ago or so that I sense an eruption to occur, you can read that at your leisure. God will have need of those serious about ministry because of the wrath of God upon those attempting to destroy his kingdom, you must be equipped for the battle. While many are looking in the wrong place for Babylon to rear her head, many will be deceived and caught asleep. While many adorn the beauty of what we think is holy, God is saying that it's foul and perverted; she has draped herself in the finest of gold and silver but has forsaken me for her own selfish desires. While she has enticed and influenced the world, she has given over my godly principles for idolatry. The state of her whoredom land will be exposed and self destruct! The international state of despair will only increase as the war over territory increase. The Holy Spirit has me studying Russia's borders, so I believe we'll witness Russia attempt some very bold moves in an attempt to expand its borders. We must continue to pray for Israel and believe for her freedom to reign.

We are entering a time where our primary purpose must be to understand God's kingdom and our purpose in it. God will not entrust those without a heart for his kingdom and people. The only alliance that will be honored is that of advancing the kingdom, all else is self serving and destructive. 2015 will move quickly, you'll miss it unless you are aligned according to God's kingdom purpose. He doesn't have need of any other purpose but his!

Again, I encourage you to be open to hear what the prophet's are speaking during this critical time. God has need of the office for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry and edifying of the body of Christ. I really wanted to keep the delivery as short as possible. Many prophets are skepticle to release their word because of plagiarism, not my worry.

I ask that you just read and seek God for his direction. I'm not looking for a popular post with likes, but for some saints to hear God and obey. Peace, I leave you with and a prosperous 2015.



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