Prophetess Corey Lakins

Prophetess Corey Lakins

Restoration and Healing


Good Day ☝God is!  I'm discovering on this amazing journey that purpose truly has a signature.  Meaning, it has an identified trade mark that clearly let's you know you're on the right path of purpose.  Something happens when God's chosen makes a determined decision to answer and follow the call upon his/her life.  There's an amazing stream of miracles, if you will, that begins to happen, all because God's appointed and chosen answers the call.  When you begin to put things in motion, heaven and earths resources and favor aligns to bring about miracles.  Why do I refer to these as miracles?  Because it doesn't happen to everyone, only those appointed and called for the assignment.  You see, God has to respond to your faith!  Because faith is the leading and guiding force, everything you need and touch will manifest the vision.  Listen, don't discount God's timing to a coincidence!  God operates on karios timing, so simply because you're in position at that time, He yields in your favor.  My faith is crazy enough to believe that simply because I'm in step with my calling and assignment in the earth, that everything I attempt, God will place me ahead and even change policy because his work is neccsary and kingdom is coming. You're in His purpose for your life when you experience uncommon favor while walking in faith to unfold the vision/purpose. Everything should be aligning in you're favor!  If I could share it all, I would but I'm wise enough to understand timing.  I have made many attempts in past times, but what I see now is a clear indication of what true purpose looks likes and how God operates in it. When God's chosen is about our Father's business, he will see about yours and every red light turns green, and every yields signs turns to proceed!  So, we get to this place of normalcy opposed to disbelief, because we walk in boldness and authority and we understand that God is working on our behalf and that should be normalcy.  So, every action I take, I approach it with, this aligns with the purpose so it's a green light!  

2015 Prophetic Word

My word to you is to be a good stewart over your possessions. Remove all fear and responsibly accomplish your purpose in this season of expedition. I believe that God is going to carry us through the process with great favor because time is winding up and His plan in the earth must come to past. Your plan should be sound proof and beneficial to the kingdom because God will expedite those plans, you will not have the same process as the average person. The clear passage for some is only because God has to expedite the plan to establish his kingdom. This is not an open door carte blanche, but a purposeful positioning. Some will experience a defeat because God was not part of your plan and because His kingdom must come, the plans of those rooted in self will cave in. The exposure of those operating in "self" and greed will unfortunately suffer great financial collapse. The church and its role will be put to test in 2015! The Kingdom of God is near and the perfection of the church will be critical in the preparation of the soon coming King! There is no time for folly, kingdom wars or divisive ideology but we must unite as a body. Repentance for error and forgiveness is a MUST! For any believer that walks in a cold unforgiving heart will not experience the Kingdom of God. Clearing the way for God's direction will only come by repentance for your error. Clean your slate of old baggage and broken relationship(s). Obedience will be what God is looking for, regardless of how difficult the circumstance, obedience will honor God and promote you. The most difficult challenge in your obedience will be an indicator of your positioning in this coming year. The time is such that we must align our purpose with obedience and with God's kingdom purpose. Your unwilling flesh will have no comparison to the stripped grace of God for your disobedience to repent of your error.

Political dynamics will be at an all time high, we'll witness new alliances and the falling out of some. The world tragedies will force a more united America, but power struggles will continue to ensue. We'll witness some very strategic political maneuvering from the current administration. These plans will mark a new day in Washington's political stratagem. I've already stated a week ago or so that I sense an eruption to occur, you can read that at your leisure. God will have need of those serious about ministry because of the wrath of God upon those attempting to destroy his kingdom, you must be equipped for the battle. While many are looking in the wrong place for Babylon to rear her head, many will be deceived and caught asleep. While many adorn the beauty of what we think is holy, God is saying that it's foul and perverted; she has draped herself in the finest of gold and silver but has forsaken me for her own selfish desires. While she has enticed and influenced the world, she has given over my godly principles for idolatry. The state of her whoredom land will be exposed and self destruct! The international state of despair will only increase as the war over territory increase. The Holy Spirit has me studying Russia's borders, so I believe we'll witness Russia attempt some very bold moves in an attempt to expand its borders. We must continue to pray for Israel and believe for her freedom to reign.

We are entering a time where our primary purpose must be to understand God's kingdom and our purpose in it. God will not entrust those without a heart for his kingdom and people. The only alliance that will be honored is that of advancing the kingdom, all else is self serving and destructive. 2015 will move quickly, you'll miss it unless you are aligned according to God's kingdom purpose. He doesn't have need of any other purpose but his!

Again, I encourage you to be open to hear what the prophet's are speaking during this critical time. God has need of the office for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry and edifying of the body of Christ. I really wanted to keep the delivery as short as possible. Many prophets are skepticle to release their word because of plagiarism, not my worry.

I ask that you just read and seek God for his direction. I'm not looking for a popular post with likes, but for some saints to hear God and obey. Peace, I leave you with and a prosperous 2015.



WHY DID IT HAPPEN TO ME: "Loose me devil!"

This blog is one that will expose the devil and its tactics and how REAL it is that spirits travel and jump onto us.  Even though we are saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, it doesn’t mean that the adversary won’t launch a full blown demonic attack on you.  I know, we are called Apostles and Prophets and dare not mention that we have come under the influence of a demonic force, right?  Of course not, we are anointed, gifted and called to make a difference in the Kingdom, and therefore, we are above such a thing.  We only encounter such demonic activity while we minister and operate in the ministry of deliverance for others.  I struggled with this entire experience for many reasons, to name a few: 1) I’m a mental health clinician, 2) I’m a Prophet and operate in revelatory knowledge, prophetic insight and prophecy and 3) I’m a Apostolic Minister.  The three of these made me feel extremely vulnerable to myself and shameful that I was in a situation where I had to admit that I was under the influence of a demonic spirit!  How could I deal with such, how did I even know what it was?  I had to face this situation in real way and not sugar coat with, “I’m Prophetess Corey and surely I’m anointed enough to know that I’m not experiencing the dark side!”  Well, I knew that would not set me free from this situation!  So, what happened?  On May 29th, I had an appointment with my doctor for a routine visit.  I entered the exam room normally and waited patiently for my doctor to enter.  He entered the room and performed his normal exam.  He asked how have I been feeling and how was I sleeping at night.  I replied, “I feel great, I may wake once or twice through the night but not big deal.”  He then asked, “Do you get tired during the day, I say, sometimes, it’s normal to me.”  He had only been in the room about one minute, he said, “You may have sleep apnea.”  Immediately, my spirit revolted!  I felt something loose in that moment!  He said, I would like to refer you for a sleep study, I’m still feeling strange about him jumping to that conclusion.  Keep in mind, I have never had sleep issues and just had a discussion about how GREAT I sleep!  So, I left the doctor’s office and the entire time I was driving, I felt something manifesting but had no idea what was to come.  I returned home later that night and turned in as usual, however, I felt something just wasn’t quite right.  I tossed and turned the entire night, my breathing was different, it felt shallow and I felt nervous!  I arose the next  morning feeling extremely drained having gotten NO sleep.  I turned in the next day, same experience, tossed and turned the entire night, my breathing felt weird again and my mind raced.  By day three, I had become fully embodied by this spirit that was released in the doctor’s office.  I knew that I was under a spiritual attack!  By Monday, my thinking was terribly blunted and I was having anxiety prior to bed time, I was afraid to go to bed because of this tormenting spirit that was present.  That morning I called my husband from work and told him that I was experiencing a demonic attack that had come to steal my sleep, wear me down and cause my mind to begin to slip into a depression!  You see, I’m called to minister to people that are in need of healing, deliverance and restoration and I was faced with needing the same ministry.  I was having anxiety about sleeping for fear that I wouldn’t wake up the next day!  Satan had used my doctor of 28 years to plant a demonic seed of sleep deprivation!  That would cause me to be tired, weary, depressed and ultimately neglect the assignment that I’m completing and just normal healthy functioning.  I was overcome four days with complete torment of my mind!  I had uncontrollable crying spells, anxiety and depression; I was a complete mess.  Once I talked to my husband and asked him to pray and cover me, I then knew that the prophet was seeing this as a full blown demonic attack on me.  I cried out to him to help me subdue this spirit on me!  That night I went into full blown spiritual warfare and called satan out and told him I was ready to fight for my life!  I was ready to regain my sleep and peace of mind.  I began to pray and repent for anything that I may have done ignorantly against the will of God.  I prayed Philippians 4:7 and specific prayer of restorative sleep, healing sleep, sleep that renews my mind and prepares me for Kingdom work at day break, sleep that rejuvenates my body and restore all that sleep provide our body for healthy functioning.  You see, satan had attacked my most critical element, my body, mind and spirit!  He knew the way to gain entrance to my body was through my doctor, my health advisor!  I’m very health conscious and extremely active.  Once I garnered the strength to strategize how I would handle this, I took authority over my sleep, mind and body and suffocated satan and his imps!  We turned in that night and subdued the adversary!  I am still rebounding from this horrific experience because it took a toll on my body and mind, but I can say with assurance to you that spirits travel and embody!  I returned to work the next day and a co-worker said to me, “you look like you are a different person today; you look refreshed.”

Never could anyone have told me that I would have a four day nightmare of fighting for my life because satan wanted me to slip away and denounce what I know.  I minister healing, deliverance and restoration, and if I couldn’t get myself delivered from this spirit, how could I minister to others?  If I couldn’t be transparent and admit that I had been attacked by a demonic spirit, how could I minister in truth to others?  It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel quite right but I know that it’s important to share this experience because I’m certain that other Apostle’s and Prophet’s have had similar demonic attacks on them but are shameful to discuss it for various reasons.  We don't have to minister in shame, guilt or dishonesty.  We can free more by being free and transparent!  My freedom is more important than looking fine and anointed!  My freedom is more important than walking in shame of having done self deliverance!  My freedom is more important than living in a weak state!  So, thank God for his redemption upon me and strengthening me in my mind, body and spirit.  I see that satan’s kingdom is terrified of my assignment.  My destiny is greater than the devil’s plot to destroy me.  I release this because I’m not in fear or believe that I need to be silent about it.  I’m walking in full assurance that Jesus’ name, word and blood has POWER to subdue the adversary and its plot to destroy me. 

God’s blessings upon you!


There comes a time when you know that God is pointing you in another direction, but the fear of the unknown grips you and you become a hostage to the familiar place in your life.  This conflict of adhering to God's voice and instruction verses succumbing to the fear of the unknown is often the barrier to your breakthrough.  When you see fear for what it is and why it grips you, you can better understand that it really has no substance!  Fear is not made of any real substance because it is rooted out of the work of the adversary.  Fear is manifested out of wrong doing, punishment and retaliation.  So, when you allow fear to dictate your actions and words, it's often because you are operating out of one of those.  There is no way that you can please God and/or submit to His ways in fear because you will always be hindered by the voice of the adversary.  The adversary comes to kill, steal and destroy!  If God is calling you out of a particular place and/or situation and you believe that the unknown will swallow you up, it's not the reality.  God's voice is very clear, His instructions are very clear and purposeful, we tend to cloud it with our own perception out of that fear.  God has not given you the spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound mind.  Can you see the difference?  When you operate out of God's purpose, He gives you all that you need to trust and take that next step.  The old and familiar, especially when it has no meaningful purpose or plan for your life, is only meant to keep you from experiencing the greater things in life and the new beginnings of something fresh and successful.  The unknown should stir excitement, especially if you know that God is in the center of it.  To fear is to be frightened; it is terror, dread, horror, freight, panic, alarm, trepidation and apprehension.  None of these line up with what God said in His word; He said, love, power and a sound mind!  There is a tremendous difference here.  When you decide to acknowledge that what is holding you back is the comfort of the familiar, you can begin to see how it's associated with fear and it's purpose.  There are many exercises to employ to combat fear, but finding the most effective one is key.  I believe that connecting with God's promise/word and then make the association with the new place, all while accepting that you belong there.  If you have been in your current situation for sometime, the courage to trust God has more meaning than ever before, you can never experience this new level or place in the same mindset.  When you hold on to people or things that are not a part of the new beginning, you only delay and create more uncertainty in your life.  What God has for you in this "unknown" place could never harm or hurt you, God is love and assurance.  We create that world out of our own fear!  Every place that God took , Abraham, Issac and Jacob, were unknown.  The God of these great men are a testimony of our covenant and promise.  They didn't have any assurance accept that God would never lead them astray.  I believe we must have the same kind of faith and assurance today.  Don't cleave onto the familiar out of fear or some unhealthy emotional tie.  Once you accept that you have no choice but to be obedient and follow the steps that have been ordered of the Lord, you will feel the power of your release and freedom to explore your options with great confidence.  I sense that your process of accepting the unknown is the turning point of many new things in your life.  God would like to introduce you to what has been uniquely created for you, designed for you and fitted for you.  Every vision and plan given by God is meant to impact a person, body of people, place, etc.  So, the plan isn't about "you" or "us" but it's about God's plan having an impact on those mentioned above.  So, when we focus on that, we remove "us" from the equation and allow God to have his way in creating a situation that He can powerfully use you, and the unknown becomes a place of comfort and security.  God has no reason to plant fear in you, but every reason to encourage you to pursue what is often "Unknown."


Having spent some time resting in the word concerning God's people and His plan, I can't help to appreciate the promise offered to us through our obedience.  God has spoken through many of His biblical prophets in order for us to not  miss the commanded and PROMISED blessing.  For it is written, that man shall  not live by bread alone but by every word the proceeds out of the mouth of God.  Has He not spoken, and have we not listen and to our own demise?  But, I believe that there are those of us that seek to know and understand the measure of God's word upon this land, our life and the Body of Christ.  There is a common theme in God's instruction(s) to us, He says over and over, for His wrath and judgement shall be upon a disobedient and sinful people, but He will give hope to the those that obey Him and his word!  He promised that we would receive the blessing(s) of Jerusalem if we would follow and obey.  When God serves judgement upon a land that has chosen to disrespect and desolate his land, He will stike with vegence for sure.  That land shall become a barren dry land with no rain and manna for its people, they shall call upon the name of the Lord and their prayers shall be as flint to God.  But, the good news is that because you have chosen to serve at the feet of the Son of God Christ) and believe the prophets that issued the prophetic word, even in the biblical time, your reward shall be plentious!  You will arise from your sleep at the coming of Christ and enter into the glorious land lined with the richest of colors.  But, even greater, because you believed and serve a living God, your reward today shall be great as well.  His word says, no good thing shall He withhold from those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.  I believe that God has great things in store for you.  Although you may have had to endure great battles to remain afloat, there wasn't a mountain to great for you to conquer!  Those battle scars are forever remembered in our Father's heart, because you fought the good fight of faith.  He said, it's impossible to please him without faith, so in pleasing Him with your faith, He shall reward you with favor.  During this passover and ressurrection season, I pray that you are seeking God's presence and believing in miralces all the more.  There is something so sweet about this season, and I believe God sends a precioius reminder of His love for us.  He wants nothing more than to send us messages and give us a peak into His heavenly place.  So, allow yourself to be swept away into the secret place of His tabernacle and be hidden for when the day comes, you will be as sweet smelling aroma in His nostrils.  Know that your blessing is sure to come and your obedience has not gone unnoticed.  May this time be filled with love, peace and harmony!


RWM, healing a generation of people! 

2014 RWM Prophetic Worship Experience

Greetings to all my blog followers....



I wanted to be sure that I invite you out to our upcoming 2014 RWM Prophetic Worshiip Experience. If you live in Pittsburgh or Allegheny or near by cities, please come out, i would love to have you as my guest.  We will "Ignite The Fire" on April 26th!  Please mark your calendar and meet me at 247 Johnston Avenue, Hazelwood PA  15207.  Watch a clip of our experience in 2013!  Blessings to you and I'll


I don’t care to be the censor police of social media for many reasons!  I gave it some thought and the more I pondered on this, the more I felt compelled to speak on it.  We are accountable for what we say, tag, post and repost no matter what social media venue we use.  Having a title doesn’t exempt anyone from being responsible for the message that they disseminate across these venues.  If your purpose is to bring healing and deliverance to another, I pray that your process of healing and deliverance was done in a way that you were affirmed, nurtured, spiritually renewed and emotionally healed.  Because you have gone through something, it doesn’t necessarily give you a license to take others through a counter productive process.  For if your experience was truly a broken place, low self esteem, emotional torment and you came out, PLEASE be careful how you witness to others.  Using carnality, worldly methods/systems and counter productive means of what you think is revelation is non productive to people working to become “whole.”  You cannot speak to a wounded soul using visual displays of things that are rooted in immorality and perversion.  No matter how much you believe in your message or methods, it does not provide for a holistic vehicle to healing and deliverance.  I am saddened that we have come to a place in end times where more and more dispensationalist is surfacing.  They are disguised as Kingdom minded people but below the surface struggle with their own demons.  It wouldn’t be noble of me to ignore what is near and dear to my heart and not sound the alarm.  Saints, I realize we are in end times and more and more Apostles, Prophets, Bishop, Evangelist; Pastors are going to fail the Body of Christ.  But, we must have our spiritual eyes and ears in tune to what is being released across these social media venues as a “self help” means.  When you see comments that “forewarn” you, that you are about to watch something that you should guard your spirit, DON’T BE HOODWINKED!  God’s word and message is unadulterated and does need a warning label.  I am finding more and more warning signs prior to viewing various things posted on these venue; they are often rooted in sexual perversion, blasphemy, demonic activity and witchcraft.  If you are not grounded and walking in complete healing and deliverance, all it takes is one viewing and you spirit has been opened to a demonic force that will begin to speak its language to you.  Next thing you know, you are enticed to do what you see, wear what you see and try what you see.  That is not a revelatory message of deliverance; it’s a message of enticement for the weak and wounded souls.  We are living in an era where the very elect are being bamboozled into believing that methods associated with sexual perversion, demonic underground activity, and the newest fad(s) are ways and things that we can glean from to gain an understanding of who we are and being free from bondage.  I consider myself to be one that is open minded and willing to see beyond my opinion and views, but at some point I draw a line in the sand and connect with the Holy Spirit of wisdom and counsel!  We are accountable as leaders and should really make a concerted effort to seriously think about what we put out across these social media venues.  Everyone is not in a good sound place and you cannot counsel people on social media venues using methods that open them in areas that may have been their struggle prior to deliverance.  Moreover, some may not be past the place of weakness or easily tempted.  Accountability has no title, it is not above reproach.  The next time you decide to use methods to reach people and/or disseminate a message of hope, you should use the safest route to create an atmosphere of safety, love and godliness.  Our own secret desires, unfulfilled desires, partial healing/deliverance and prideful disposition are leading saints down a path of self destruction and likely no one will be there to pick them up because you are miles away in another city.  The next time you decide to use social media on behalf of God and the people, please seek God about whether or not your disclaimer and method will edify the Body of Christ, or satisfy a hidden desire that lies dormant in your spirit and is given life through these venues.  To God be the glory in all that we say and do.  Blessings! 


RWM. healing a generation of people!


You can’t seem to find comfort in being still; you often feel that the possibility within you is expanding beyond what your God created body can withstand.  Does that feel like you?  Do you feel discomfort with the thought that you have a growing possibility within you, and it needs released?  God will always place purpose within us, and we will never feel comfortable until the possibility is released to bring about change in your life. Possibility is synonymous with opportunity, leeway, likelihood and prospect.  So, when possibility lays dormant within us, it feels like a swelling balloon ready to burst because of its association with these.  These words matriculate into action and therefore, your spiritman is waiting for such to occur.  When God place possibility(ies) within us, He intends for us to make it into a verb (action), and our spiritman becomes motivated by the things we do that are connected to the possibility.  You may find yourself perseverating on the things associated with this possibility, that’s because the vision will not sleep; it cannot sleep because it’s an action!  When the possibility begins to grow, it feels uncomfortable to remain complacent; it feels like combustion, a burning inferno within your spiritman.  You may ask: what if I don’t know how or what to do to release the growing possibility? The vision is already planted in you; it comes with the possibility.  When you concede to be used by God for this possibility, and begin to step out on faith, God then orders your steps.  Psalm 37:23, the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.  You must practice allowing all things to work together for your good; your possibility, and vision along with your step of faith.  There are no known pathways, you are creating the path as you go, you have the possibility and the vision established and your steps are ordered.  So, to wait for someone to instruct you on how to do it may in fact delay your possibility.  There are many possibilities that may look similar; however, the uniqueness that God has planted in you is for you to do.  Psalm 139:4, says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  How about this translation: Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it (New Living).  Given that promise, who else can carry out the possibility, but you!  There is no fear in the things of God; fear is associated with punishment and failure.  We know those are traits of the adversary to keep us bound and from reaching our growing possibility.  Once we overcome the fear of failure, we only see the pathway of success in front of us.  Our determination ought to drive away the obstacles born out of our negative thoughts of failure or that you can’t accomplish the growing possibility.  This isn’t an imagination, it’s a mandate given by God, which means that it shall not return unto you void, but it will accomplish what it was set out to do. God is not a man that He should lie to us, nor the Son of God that He shall repent.  Did He say it? Or has he spoken and shall He not make good on His promise? (Num 23:19).   If God established it, which He did, it can only come to pass, but only with your willingness. When growing possibility lays dormant, you will constantly have agitation because it’s a living organism, a life form that must be allowed to create!  My God, you can see that you have a responsibility to "THE GROWING POSSIBILTY" and create what God has already established within you.  It will bring life to others and glory to our Father. 


RWM, healing a generation of people!


We are indeed comfortable with being who we “believe” we are, that can take on a different meaning for everyone but what does it mean to God?  If being closed to others makes you comfortable and you have a desire that calls for you to interact, minister and help others, “the not so obvious button” has meaning for you.  I know you must be thinking, what missing button?  Well, for some it’s figurative but for others, it’s that missing button from a piece of attire.  You see, it would require me to experience much of what I write in order to write it.  However, God does provide insight into many of my writings, so that I may help another in the place he/she are currently in.  The button that I am referring to is the one that fasten together some piece of clothing.  To paraphrase, the button fastens your clothing to prevent exposure.  That’s the natural meaning; however, the spiritual meaning of a lost button is different.  Many are physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally secluded “closed off,” that they have subdued the existence of what they are called to do.  Exposure of one’s self doesn’t necessarily mean that you will expose your deepest hidden secrets but it does mean that you will feely give of who you are and how you can be a healer to another person.  When we become transparent, we release the balm that is meant to bring healing and comfort to a body of people.  That lost button should never be recovered, if it is, it will only serve to isolate your heart and your balm “comfort” of peace and healing to others.  We cannot possibly be used to serve and help others when we are closed off to them.  No matter the past of anyone, when God is positioning you to move out, you must be ready to lose that button permanently and be comfortable with exposing those hidden areas of your life.  This is not meant to bring disparagement to you, but disclosure in a constructive fashion.  When we come out into the open but have fears of being open, we only create a perimeter that is meant to reach a segregated number of people, when God is calling us to reach a multitude of people.  That happens by a restricted “button.” I know the button may seem silly to some, but may I now share why I chose to title this with “button.”  You see, I dreamed about a lost button on my coat, I searched an entire parking lot filled with snow, looking for the button.  When I awoke I don’t recall ever finding the button.  I searched God and my spirit led me to the understanding that God wants us to be more opened than ever before!  It’s almost never comfortable to be a quiet in spirit person but necessary to open ourselves up to others.  Don’t look to replace the lost button; but be comfortable with exposing “you” because so many are in need of whose behind the fasten “button.” 


~RWM, healing a generation of people!


There are many lessons learned as we navigate through life’s many roads, doors and situations.  The one thing that I have come to learn is that connecting to who you are in the moment helps us to see things through a clear lens.  I find that so important because if we are to develop and grow futuristically, we really need to know our true self in place and time.  Now, there is a contrast difference is envisioning your future and who God says you are, that inspires and creates hope within!  I am sincere about this message of not fluffing up ourselves and portraying a different person than we really are.  There is no power and/or authority in that.  You only have authority over that which God has placed in your sphere of influence.  You waste time, energy and resources being someone different than you really are.  Moreover, when you get home and look in the mirror, disappointment will be written all over the mirror.  This kind of deception can open the door to depression and discouragement because you will measure yourself against others who may or may not have what it is that you want.  God can work on us when we are sincere and pure in our hearts.  He will provide everything that we seek for and need because He is sure to give you the authority within your given sphere.  Trying to have authority in a sphere that does not belong to you is illegal in a sense and will not yield true fruits.  You authority will always be confirmed (a witness) is important.  If you have never gotten a witness for whom or what you believe is your place in life, then you may be seeking something that does not belong to you.  What happens is your efforts become based all on intellect and not the Holy Spirit giving you instruction.  We can admire what others do, but we should not want to covet those works.  We should open ourselves to honestly hear what the Holy Spirit reveals about who we are and not be afraid of what is said.  There is nothing glorious about being like someone else, but there is beauty in being “YOU.”  Beauty because you were the only person created to do the things the way you do them or say the things they way you say them.  The creativity in you is meant to inspire someone that doesn’t have what you have!  When you stifle your true inner beauty, you limit the gift you have to others or even obliterate it.  That is more hurtful to God then portraying the likeness or gifts of others.  True place in time is priceless and there is so much wisdom in it, if only we tapped into the place.  We weren’t all meant to be leaders, Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Teachers or whatever profession you work in.  If we rest long enough in His presence and listen to Him, we can find our inner self and voice; it may even be a supernatural moment!  That shift can remove you from the illegal into the legal realm of authority instantaneously. Don’t become anxious about your current place or future, just rest in knowing that God delivers based on our readiness and obedience to His principals.  You will find rest and peace in this place.  You will blossom and matriculate into that destined place of authority.  For clarity, authority hear just means that you have aligned with God’s will and the authority needed to advance to be effective is given.  When something is legal, you are given rights and authority to enter, so don’t delay, just obey.  True Place and Time…….


~RWM, healing a generation of people!  


Your Egypt is over! God is releasing you to go forth and conquer all that He has for you. The power in your freedom is your faith! Your faith must be tied to the word of God. Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God. You have stayed in Eygpt and didn't believe that the promises of God would lead you into a land flowing with milk and honey. You have suffered at the hands of the adversary but your Egypt is OVER! It is your time to to sieze and to come into the understanding that we are victorious in the govenmental time of God and not man's govenmental time. You will be mighty and powerful through the extension of God's government! When God is leading you out of Egypt, His voice is leading and guiding you, but your faith is what will get you there! Nothing that He does will require you to take unauthorized authority, you will be given an anointing to administratively bring order around you. Having clairty and understanding to walk out of Egypt will require you to leave all the distractions and perceptions behind that are associated with slavery. Any perception or idea that you are tied to and unhealthy emotions can give the adversary a foot hold on you. Release any old thing and walk into your promise! You are entering into the governmental order of God where you are granted full access by way of extension of His Kingdom to you. You are no longer in the government of man, your Egypt is OVER!


Why won't this shadow go away?  Why have I looked in the mirror and the reflection of my past won't seem to disipate when I wipe away the steam from the mirror?  I keep seeing the shadow of my pain from the past.  This may be your story, this may be your experience.  The shadow that keeps appearing is a stark reminder that God hasn't quite finished the work within you, but it doesn't mean that the work cannot be completed.  The shadows of your past can keep you in a place of stagnation but you have a few choices.  Deep rooted pain can resurface in many ways and the reflection that you see in the mirror is indeed a reminder that the pain is unforgiving.  But, taking control over deep rooted pain is an honest process to restoration.  Yes, pain can be unforgiving because it really wants to keep you in bondage and not allow you to heal.  You may ask why haven't I healed from tihis pain that keeps resurfacing?  Trust, forgiveness, spiritual connection, authenticity, righteousness, love yourself, healthy relationship(s), etc.  These things are part of your process to restoration.  You must connect with "self" and first accept "self."  Livng happy on the outside but struggling on the inside with loving you and your life, will keep the deep rooted pain living dormant and resurface uncontrollably.  Many woman live in the shadow of their pain because it's embarassing to admit that past pain still haunts them.  Pain is NOT an embarrassment and shouldn't be a secret, it's a symptom that the body wants to reject, that's why it comes to a head!  The head contains the poison of pain that the body is rejecting.  Why some don't heal.....  Unless you honestly dissect your pain, and acknowledge and forgive anything or anyone, you will live a lie.  You can never be happy living a secret, i.e., "lie."  The shadow of your pain that won't go away will manifest and cancel out all the things that you truly desire to have and uphold.  Pain does not feel good and in order to release the pain, you often inflict pain, if undealt with.  Remember, pain builds to a head and must be released!  You can heal, you should heal and you should be free from the destruction of pain! Deep rooted pain that is left dormant will rob you of happiness and healthy relationships; and utlimately makes you think your are the victim.  The next time you look in the mirror and see the shadow of your past pain, don't ignore it but acknowledge it and call out those people or things that hurt you.  Acknowledge your dissapointments but don't blame others and forgive those you have blamed.  The reflection of your past pain don't have to define your present or future.  God liberally gives us love, peace and joy and He wants us to liberally share it with others,  healthy emotions and freedom from past pain will create an array of sunshine and bliss in you life.  You have the power to love deeply, give freely, smile authenticially and have long lasting relationshiips. 


~RWM, healing a generation of people!



It is possible to have a mindset developed out of a behavior that will metamorphosis into a stronghold.  You may be thinking that a stronghold is delivered by the adversary, but the truth of the matter is a person can be matched up with a stronghold through behaviors that have been a part of their personal life and/or environment.  A stonghold is a pattern and idea that governs a person.  A stronghiold is a mindset, thought pattern and processes that causes a person to act, react and respond in a particular manner and contrary to the ways of God. Strongholds are often submerged in a person because they have developed an unhealthy pattern for responding and reacting to certain situations.  Moreover, strongholds are manifested out of rebellion; when you refuse to do a certain thing and after a while, it becomes a stronghold.  The adversary longs to breed in these types of attitude(s).  He, the adversary will grab hold of you and the very thing that God wants to deliver you out of, you give over to the adversary because you hold onto the mindset and/or attitude.  If you refuse to do what God has called you to do in any situation and hold onto that belief for a period of time, a stronghold will manifest and you will find it virtually impossible to come out of the behavior!  These strongholds are what I call "matched with a stronghold" because you have allowed it to occur out of rebellion.  When you speak to yourself about what you "will" or "will not" do, ultimately, it becomes a stronghold.  We canot "self will" against the desire(s) of God and expect that an opening for a stronghold won't manifest.  Anytime we thrust against the will of God, you are creating a stronghold.  This behavior acutally defends the adversay and rebels against God's Kindgom!  Strongholds are not the will of God, that is the reason why we pull them down and hold them captive to the full obedience of God's word.  You give the adversary power, control and space to breed in greater numbers because he is hidden in your mindset, behaviors and patterns.  No one wants to admit that they have a stronghold, but it's undeniable when you flat out refuse to do things God's way.  Nothing can be born out of that but a stronghold!  When you are adamant about doing things according to the will and way of God, you then force the adversary and his strongholds to loose its grip on you and liberate your mind in a godly way!  Even when it feels against your best desire, resist it and the devil has got to flee!  Strongholds open you to demonic and satanic attacks!  Strongholds are influenced by satan and designed to attract evil to you and your sphere.  They are designed to influence your ways, thoughts and patterns.  Release the power of the Holy Ghost by submitting to God's way and you will cause your life and the Kingdom of God to be protected!  Matched to a stronghold is NOT to be taken lightly, it is a hidden evil that will destroy anything you put your hands to!  Cast down every stronghold in your life, in Jesus' name.


What do we really want out of life?  Are we really content with being saved, righteous and fully submitted and yeilded to Christ?  I wonder if Christ could gain access to our most intimate thoughts, what would He be privy and/or exposed to?  In my deepest of thoughts and ponderings, I cannot help but to inquire of these things.  Should I think it's really necessary to explore such indepth things and just accept that we live as we do?  I would beg to differ for some specifc reasons.  See, I have always been a philospher in my own little right, but as my relationship with Christ grew over the years, I came to know and understand that it wasn't really a philospher as much as it was me hearing the heart beat of our Father.  See, I truly believe that the people of God are in need of beneath the surface healing, God's divine presence and purpose in their lives.  If you are tapped into the spirit of people, you cannot miss what the eyes to the soul are speaking.  What can we do as leaders in the Kingdom?  What should our role be as leaders in the Kingdom?  I believe that we must present the Kingdom and not "us" per se to people.  The saints need to be led to God to experience his unfailing love and presence.  It's in His presence that we experience the fulness of joy!  When we get the saints into His presence, lasting change takes place, transformation happens and a new spirit is created.  If you are a worshipper of God, then you cannot ignore this need in the earth, you are accountable to usher the saints into God's presence for an authentic life changing experience.  Too many have their arms extended, pleading for God to take them in, yet they don't know how to get there, don't know how to hear Him and don't know how to discern what is the "true" living spirit of God?  Oh my heart, my soul and my spirit need to be yielded and need to release this word.  I see the heart crying out for more, but the cost is so great, and many struggle with the cost of the fullness of joy through entering into His presence.  Even greater pain is the joy that comes through means that simply satisfy your being temporarily and until you meet up with lonliness again.  There is a sustaining peace and joy that comes when you authentically join into a relationship with Christ.  When you know your life is pure and righteous, and trust that every step is ordered of the Lord, you should expect and know there is peace in that life.  No one person can ever fulfill your happiness and/or purpose in life.  You can gain that by truly acknowledging who you are in the Kingdom, and be completely OK with it!  I have written many blogs and post about being our authentic selves.  I find no greater fulfillment than being exactly who God's sees me as, no matter what anyone else thinks or says, it's my destiny and only I can walk in it.  So, don't agree with temporal excitement, and you then explore deeper revelatory things that ultimately bring you face to face to reality!  Don't run from that reality, begin to nuture it and keep it before the Lord in prayer and He will help you define that moment and ongoing.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!


Often times people may never understand you, but it's not your responsibility to work at helping them to understand you. You will always be a peculiar person, meaning, different. That difference is to separate you from the norm so that God may identify you amongst the common. Don't allow yourself to be responsible for others to accept you and your difference(s). Anything that is forced is unnatural and will cause you to feel strained. Instead, be yourself and allow those who are meant to be in your intimate circle naturally draw to it. Sometimes our intimate circle is meant to be small for a reason, it doesn't mean you aren't loved or accepted. It means that you are different and everyone isn't meant to partake of your uniqueness. Be comfortable with yourself and difference and you will have peace and an intimate cirlce of authenticity. If you choose to spend energy on others that don't understand and/or accept your difference(s), you will give over your power to an unworthy or negative source. We are to follow the path of our spiritual purpose and not be afraid of where that may take us. The uncomfortable is often the direction we are purposed to go in, but because it's uncomfortable, we forfeit it taking the comfortable route. Once you settle in your true identity (dffierence) and become comfortable with it, you will find that much of what you feared was a trick or plot of the adversary to keep you from coming into your ordained purpose. Reject false rejection, it's a plot by the adversary to steal your peace, comfort in your true identity and your authentic inner circle.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!



The experience of God's presence is much much more than what we could ever imagine.  When entering into God's presence or calling upon His presence, it isn't a matter of how anointed you are or how much you think you know Him or about Him.  I believe that those that God can trust with His heart and His people, will experience the true nature of God and His glory.  God's true nature, presence and glory is so profound that it would require for us to have a profound relationship, prayer life and honesty about ourselves in order to call down this kind of glory.  I do not believe that God will allow for anyone that does not have a true and pure heart to solicit His presence and glory, He wold not respond to such a voice. God's glory realm is a place of peace, healing and restoration.  So, He would expect the voice that is calling upon Him to walk in that realm of revelation.  We cannot decide to love one day and hate another day, God would not respond to a voice that operates as such.  We will never be a perfect people until the day of Christs' return, but we do have to have the scent of a pure and clean heart.  When we solicit God's presence out of a defiled heart, we are placating Him and creating an atmosphere of witchcraft!  God's presence and glory realm comes out of obedience and love for Him and His people.  The true purpose of God's glory realm is for communion; it is to introduce us to a greater understanding of His Kingdom.  His word is clear and undefiled, so when He said to worship Him in spirit and truth, a liar could never tarry in His sight.  God knows the heart of man and will honor it only if the heart operates out of truth!  Worship is a place of truth that carries us in the spirit to receive ALL that we need and desire.  The language of the spirit realm isn't mystical, it is divine and loving; it carries a sound to heaven that unleashes the oil that flow from heaven.  That oil is the Holy Spirit!  You cannot be the same once you have been given access to this realm of glory, you can NEVER be the same and people can never see you the same.  Many want the realm of glory and feel they cannot attain it, but you can and you should.  Nothing about God comes without a cost, you must give over to God more time, more prayer and more worship.  Free yourself from things that are not of God; His heart cries out pain to envy, hatred, jealousy, malice, backbiting, gossping and ridicule.  You can never enter into an authentic glory realm if you operate in those areas.  God's love and grace is for you, and He desires to sup with us.  a Full course meal is awaiting you

~RWM, healing a generation of people! 


For hundreds of years, we have sought to experience the power possessed by Jesus.  We have read over and over the tales of Jesus' ministry and how he was sent, yet He too had to be baptized in the power of the Holy Ghost.  John baptized Jesus in the Jordan and the Holy Spirit decended upon him in the shape of a dove (Matthew 3:13-17).  But, the word of God clearly tell us in Mark 16:15-18, that we are to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, he that doesn't will be condemed. He said those of us that believe will cast out demons, speak in new tongue, drink of serpents and not be harmed and lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.  These instructions are quite clear to me.  His word says, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, which means, His promises have not been revoked from this generation.  We have full access to the power that has been left to us, but we have not sought to claim the power according to Jesus' instruction.  We have sought our way, not taking the path laid out for us.  I believe that God will grant us the desires of our heart but we must demonstrate that our desires are of His Kingdom first.  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.  God knows when our hearts are turned towards Him with an open and pure heart.  He will pour you out a blessing that you won't have room to receive.  But, to much that is given, much is expected.  God will not bless you beyond measure if you do not have good intensions to use that blessing to building of His Kingdom.  He provides provision in order that we may go out and preach the gospel to the poor and heal the broken hearted.  God is concerned about you, but are you truly concerned about His Kingdom?  Going out into the world and preaching the gospel does not have to be elaborate in nature, you can share the great gospel by the power of your testimony.  You may not be a called preacher, but we should all strive to be walking epistles, meaning, speak the word of God to all the world, every creature.  I believe we will see signs and wonders when we truly walk in belief of the power of the Holy Ghost. After you have received the Holy Ghost, you shall receive power!  There is power in His name, call upon His name with great determination and belief that He will do what ask of Him.  He said that the sick would be healed, the captives set free, and recovery of the blinded eyes.  Do you believe?  Do you believe that Jesus can do for you what he did for those who sought to get a glimpse of His miraculous works and were healed?  I say to you today, Jesus is alive and available to you; He wants you to overcome by the power of your testimony.  Just believe and your belief will save you and give you great access to a miracle.


~RWM, healing a generation of people!


You had no idea that the decision you made several years ago would have such an impact on our life today.  You allowed him to come into your heart and life through sexual relations, but you didn't count the cost of this unlawful union.  It wasn't ordained of God and he did not even meet your standards, but you allowed the person in.  God ordains soul ties through a marriage between a husband and wife.  You didn't consider that he would come with all sorts of diappointments, strongholds and a soul tie; you weren't aware of the blind sided attack and lure of the adversary.  You played pass all the signs and indicators that this would lead you down a path of deep systemic pain  You ignored the teaching that you received regarding protecting your heart; the feeling of happiness was far too great to sacrifice for holiness and righteousness.  Now, today, you are riddled with paranoia, manipulation, envy, jealousy, anger and perversion.  You don't know why you feel such dislike for people, and yet many have never even done you wrong, but you continue to find fault with them.  I know this seems so distasteful and it could not be made up of you, right?  But, may I assist you in first identifying the true spirit that rest in you when you develop soul ties and ungodly relationships?  You open the door to a dark world of hatred and anger because your pain of disapointment, let down and emotional abuse attracts ungodly traits.  What is true is this, the traits may not be who you really are, but you have allowed them into your spirit by association.  You have become a breeding ground for all these spirits to manifest into a person that is living in a dark place.  The good news is that God is forgiving and can redeem you from that place and transform your mind into a Christ like mind.   You can again become a Woman of God that is pleasing to the Father.  Two cannot walk together unless they agree, so when you decided to enter into a relationship that was ungodly, you essentially agreed with everything that came with it.  So, those spirits attached themselves to you, creating paranoia, manipulation, envy, jealousy and anger, etc.  There can be more spirits attached to you!  When you find yourself disliking people for no known reason and/or causing great havoc in the lives of others, you are bound by this spirit; it is ruling you and drawing you closer into a world of ungodliness.  My dearest, the soul tie can be broken, it can be dismantled and you can regain your life back as a child of the King!  You must first acknowledge that you have sin against God and that you allowed the spirit to gain enrtrance into your spirit.  The bible tells us in Proverbs 1:10,15, If a sinner entice you, do not give in to them, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths.  To release the soul tie, you must repent and rid yourself of all things associated with the soul tie.  You must not hold onto gifts provided, it will hold power over you. Denounce all spoken commitments that need undone.  Proverbs 21:23, whoso keepth his mouth and his tongue keepth his soul from  troubles.  Forgive everyone you have done wrong in the development of this soul tie.  You must release every and all things that hold memory and symbolization to this soul tie.

Remember, soul ties are generational curses as well.  If there is a history and/or pattern of others establishing soul ties in your family, that spirit is then passed on to others.  You must be the one to break and denonce any form of ungodliess around relationships and sexual connnection.  God is the restorer of your faith and the redeemer of your soul.  Reclaim your place in the Kingdom and verbally renounce the relationship and the sexual connection.  God is married to the backslider but He hears the prayer of the righteous one.  Let it go and be free from the shackles of a soul tie bondage!


Unlocking the mystery to your release is in your ability to gain knowledge about how worship was designed to minister. The language of worship speaks to every situation and need; healing, deliverance and liberation. If you have been stuck in a particular place and feel your worship is not connecting with the Holy Spirit, it could be that you are not using the right worship language. Every person has access to the Holy of Holies, and I want you to experience that access. So many of us enter into worship with up lifted hands and find there is no power or results after worship. God created so many symbolic things that have a heavenly language, but we the people must lose our inhibitions and allow ourselves to ascend while using the language and symbolic things. The two creates a heavenly atmosphere that sets the captives free and release the supernatural. If your worship is restricted, your "personal" atmosphere is restricted.


That place many of us called the "wildermness" or the "desert."  Whatever you call it, it was a place of death or survival.   If you are still in your wilderness or desert place, just hold on, there is a dawning coming!  If you allow for God to minister to you and know that He has not left you, He's walking with you and protecting you from death! The wilderness or desert is not meant to kill or destroy you, but to refine you into a jewel to present before the King and his people.  That place introduced you to a world that only the strong could survive, only those truly given over to Christ for salvation could survive.  That place revealed just who you are, how much staminia you have and how much trust you have; it was meant to break you down and place you at the feet of the Father!  During the walk in that place, many couldn't see the diamond in the ruff, they saw a broken down and unbecoming vessel.  No one could see your potential, all they saw was your scares, bruises and weak exterior; you had become what many didn't want to spend time nuturing, mentoring, coaching and ministering to.  Could it be that you were someone that satan had marked or pinned as never making it out of the " place, He salivated at you feeling defeated, feeling like this would never pass, he waited for you to say, God will never rescue me out of this "place."  But, God called out to Lazarus and said, "come out!"  He called your dead spirit out of death into His light!  He medicated the pain with His medicine of love and comfort.  You made your way to the hem of His garment, and literally touched it!  Your issue no longer had power over you, it no longer kept you hidden in the dark deep place of resentment, discouragement, anger, disillusion, perverted thoughts, suicidial ideation and halluncinations.  Satan thought that you would never get the revelation of freedom, he thought that you would stay married to your " place ," but you SURVIVED!  You came out victorious and that former place is now your testimony of what God is able to do.  From that place.....I SURVIVED!  I celebrate you today and I see such a beautiful refined diamond purified by the fire!

~RWM, healing a generation of people!


I was doing some reflecting and I want to share some things for you to consider. I'm a believer that we have to consider both the natural and spiritual to assess, plan and execute. As I thought about some things, my schooling and the Holy Spirit kicked in. I believe that many things are aligning in my life but I looked back over my life and considered how I got here and why it's important to b...e at this place. There were some critical steps that helped me to fully process and go through to develop my self awareness, trust, identity and stability/establishment. My self awareness was present in my interactions with others, I allowed my "true" self to emerge. My identity developed out of authentic relationships, experiences, education and accomplishments. Of course, there are many more steps to consider, but in the interest of time, I'm fast forwarding. So, upon considering all these things, your life's progression should connect and build upon each step. I've not forgotten the stability step, just ride with me. If you fail to go through these critical steps, you will more times than not get stuck some where in the process and spend your wheels. Self awareness helps you to identify and emerge in who you are, your personality and characteristics. The spiritual side will strengthen you and ground you as a spiritual person; you develop both spiritual and natural characteristics that balance you out and make you more appealing in all relationships. When you fail to enter this stage, you become all things to people and lack self confidence internally, but project externally. You enter relationships that don't really identify with who you really are because you haven't identified that or experienced that process. Your trust is now compromised in many ways, you trust based on your desires instead of dependability and quality. Why? Because self awareness hasn't been recognized. You end up in hurtful relationships and/or depressed from frustration. Your mood cycles from happy to sad based on whose giving you attention. Whereas, if you had self awareness and identity, you would have confidence and trust from within that will always sustain you even while you're alone. These steps in life are often missed based on your upbringing and/or experiences. If you reflect on your life, you'll identify where you skipped a step or process. The spiritual side heals and restores us to help catch us up but you must be honest and acknowledge where you are. What else happens? As you advance through life depending on where you are, you become angry and unfulfilled and blame others for your short comings. You see your life as not measuring up but in reality, you are experiencing a void from one of the missing steps. Your identity and self awareness will most often fulfill emptiness and you'll draw fulfilment from many relationships, social activities and Christ! There is no greater joy than being whole and in Christ. When you fulfill these processes, you enter stability and establishment. This step is where it all comes together and you are healthy, have your self awareness, identity and trust; you can relax! This is who you are meant to be; things begin to align all around you. You're not tossed to and fro and you are now drawing all things meant to be in your life; you're stable and established. When you become angry, frustrated, depressed over your life, there's something you've missed and you must identify or else that spirit will reek and push others away. Don't become one who cannot heal or recoup the lost step(s). Every negative thought, feeling, attitude and disposition has an adverse affect on you that reeks, yet you don't see it. It's in your smile, walk, words, thoughts, acts, heart, mind and spirit; will that attract the same or what's contrary? You give off what you're carrying inside. But, thank God, He can restore what you missed.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!


Any time I have encountered a situation of pain, be it physical or spiritual, my rejection of it quickly sets in.  There is a reason for such rejection, I simply cannot allow an entrance or open door for pain to set in because of the undeniable pattern that is developed.  You see, pain is designed to cripple us and blunt our judgment and/or thinking.  Pain comes in different forms and affects us in different ways.  Pain can take you down a road of severe dysfunction.  Consider anyone that has been abused (physically or sexually) the pain is so systemic and many have a difficult time rebounding or forgiving, and live in a deep state of pain.  Divorce can be a painful experience, one may end up being extremely angry and resentful, again, living in a state of deep seated pain.  I think you can see my point now.  So, the door to pain may at times be out of your control but how you allow the pain to manifest will make all the difference in the world.  The key is to shut the door to the pain so that it does not over take your life and being.  You see, I have always shut the door to pain, no matter how painful it is.  I have rejected the spirit from a full manifestation, which if allowed, will only cause me to be dysfunctional.  I know, some of you may be thinking, this is easier said then done.  Actually, if we see pain for what it is and why it comes to manifest in our lives, we can seek God for strength and deliverance from it.  Have you ever experienced a person who seems to be drawn to "pain?" Of course, no one would ask for pain or welcome pain, right?  Well, when we allow pain to enter and/or manifest, it is debilitating and breeds additional pain staking circumstances.  The recourse to pain is to REJECT it from breeding in your spirit man.  You must fight the good fight of faith and kick the spirit out of your life!  You must not allow pain to dictate your future and speak death to your spirit.  Practice rejecting pain by meditating on the God's word, which will strenghten you; where you are weak, you are strong.  Greater is He that is in Me than he that is in the world.  Psalms 18:2, The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.  I speak to you today and I speak life to you and your circunstances.  I pray that pain will no longer plague you and you will no longer allow it to befriend you, you shall denounce its tactics.  I pray that you will release the hidden pain in your life and that you expose the lies spoken to you and that you will always live a pain free life!  You are free because where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.


Walk in your freedom, declare your freedom, live in freedom!  Pain will NO longer dictate to you and you will close the door to any and all breeding ground of pain.


God has cupped you in his hands....

~RWM, healing a generation of people!




Have you ever wondered why you seem to have a reocurring situation come at you through cyclical patterns or common situations?  May I share with you that principalities reside in high places and are assigned to regions, cities, churches, and people; these prinicipalities are evil demonic spirits that come to oppress and hinder your kingdom assignment.  These demons come in cyclical patterns and often times when you are preparing to shift and/or walk your assignment out.  When you are attacked, they comes to cause you to enter into warfare using carnal methods, however, we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities.  The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of stronghold.  This is what you must do to eradicate the cyclical pattern that come to hinder and stop your assignment.  We are told to take every thought into captivity!  These high ranking principalities have fallen angles assigned to us in areas such as emotions, character, finances, jobs, relationships, children, spouce, etc.  The attacks will always be cyclical, you may find yourself saying things like, "why does this always happen to me," or praying for God to remove this issue from occuring all the time to you.  This is likely an assigned demon to you to prevent you from propering in certain areas.  The key is to not war against people because you will wear yourself out and gain absolutley no ground.  You must begin to pull down the stronghold using God's word and acknowledge that you now know that it's a principality that has been assigned to you.  There is a realm that you must tap into the unseen and where you have authority to pull down the stronghold.  Consider that when you encounter a person who emobdies a demonic spirit, it recognizes that you are a child of the king and that evil spirit becomes angry and vile and seeks to discredit and ruin you in every possible way.  If the spirit can attack your emotions, you will become depressed and imbalanced and ineffective to carry out an assignment that calls for stability in your emotions.  If your character is attacked, you become an untrustworthly person to key people that are influential and able to see you through or assit you in your assignment.  These principalaties are strategic and we often miss that's what we are dealing with because our first instinct is to get back at the person we feel is waging the attack.  These fallen angels manifest in human form, so we fight them as opposed to bringing them into captivity (Gen 19 and Acts 10:30). 

If you are to have victory over this principality, you must first pull down the stronghold(s) by entering into a place of worship, use the word of God pertaining to whatever the stronghold is, repent of any wrong doing, speak authority in your situation and ask the Holy Spirit to rest upon you.  God has not designed or orchestrated that you suffer from any tormenting spirit, He does however give permission (1 Cor 10:13, Job 1:19).  But, satan is the father of lies and he's the accuser and main purpose is to separate you from Christ, cause doubt and abort your Kingdom purpose.  So, when the accuser comes to sow lies, torment you, weaken your faith, hinder your kingdom assignment, divide your home, launch character assasination, affect your finance, etc, get to the sword and begin to take authority over the matter.  Learn to recognize the principality that has been assigned to you and CONQUER it.

~RWM, healing a generation of people.



The question, "what will it take to come out?" is real and a necessary question for so many.  Some ask, why are so many in the Body of Christ broken and can't find their way out of their rut.  You ever wonder why you feel happy one day and then the very next day you're depressed or melancholy, and you notice there is definitely a pattern when it comes and go?  You keep smiling and going along as if this will just go away on it's own, only to realize, it hasn't and it keeps befriended you.  The spirit of heaviness seems to plague you and you keeping looking for a way out.  Sunday morning is your outlet, you feel rejuvinated after church and ready to face the week.  But, come Monday, you're melancholy again and you just can't fathom what or how to overcome this spirit. What you must do is understand that satan's battlefield is your mind, you must take authority and pull down the strongholds over you.  Getting rank prayer for this condition is helpful, but you must not open the door to the spirit of depression once prayed for.  Seeking ungodly methods to releive your heaviness will only allow the demons to revisit the vessle and find it ripe for them again.  defeating the spirit of heaviness, hopelessness, depression, melancholy requires you to know the enemies tactics, Begin to take obeservation of how satan comes to attack you and begin to pray against it and use the word of God to fight the battle!  You must not engage in anything contrary to the word of God, for doing so will only subject you to the world of satan and to take you back to the starting place of deliverance.  Pulling down strongholds involves subduing and taking authority of the spirit and patterns that occupy you.  DO NOT allow yourself to accept mind-sets contrary to God's image of you.  In other words, you are not a product of your past, how you once did things or your family does things.  Were you delivered out that and out of a bad and negative attitude?  Were you delivered out of reacting and responding to people in a harsh aggressive fashion?  If you were, DO NOT accept the adversary telling you that it's okay to return to those former things.  Strongholds require you to literally think different and take on the image and mind of Christ.  You aren't defending the enemy, you are defending the Christ in you!  All of this is "What It will take" to come out of your state of depression, hopelessness, melancholy and spirit of heaviness.  When those demons return back to you, let then find a clean house!  You are not a house party for satan but a holy temple for Spirit of God to reign, rule and abide in.  Know your strongholds and begin to cast down imagination: bring thoughts into captivity and renew your mind in Chirst.

~RWM, healing a generation of people!


Be not deceived, for deception will come immediately after you claim to be free from any stronghold(s). The spirit of deception forms out of lies, error and false assumptions! The spirit of deception will weigh on your mind (the error or lie) to prevent you from seeing and living the truth! This spirit, which is the father of lies come to refute and deprecate God's word and to seduce you into b...elieving what is false about you from a liar (My Goodness)! When you pull down strongholds in your life, know that you will be tested on that very thing; and it will come through false assumptions about you. The assumptions will cause you to think back on what you subdued and took authority over! Oh, but the devil is the greatest liar and thief; he has come to kill, steal and destroy your works! Cast out those lies, error and false assumptions with the word of God. The devil wants you to be in fear and rest in a LIE! Satan, the Lord rebuke you and I bind you in the name of Jesus. The BLOOD of Jesus has power to cover every child of the King! Father, every mind is renewed and washed in your word, which provides love, comfort and freedom. I take autority over every evil spirit sent to every reader, and I subdue and hold it captive to the word of God! Every lie, error and false assumption come subject to the word of God; you are defeated and cast into the abyss, sealed with a lid! I release the word of God that dispels every false word from the devil!

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Isaiah 30:18
Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you.

SEALED, amen!

~RWM, healing a generation of people! 


What happens when God begins to show you things about yourself, such as: how you speak, walk, think, react, reason and make decisions?  What do you do with so much information stored in the recessess of your mind?  What is the message that God is conveying to you?  All these questions are linked to putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  Self awareness is a powerful tool used as a process of oiling the rusty areas of "self."  This process should not be taken lightly nor overlooked with a care free disposition.  Truly, this is a sign of character development for something greater up ahead.  So often, we cannot see the plan that God has for us so we miss out on the steps leading up to His manifested plan.  But, His shaping of your character happens to remove the residue of the former.  The disposition tied to your former ways of reacting to others, or stewing in ungodly thoughts keeps you in the mindset or a level that does not match where God is taking you.  Should God decide to elevate you just as He showed you and how others have prophesied to you, would your character, attitude and mindset be ready?  Would you have the grace to interact with others without "snapping" their head off when things don't go your way, or will the grace of God sustain you with words of mature grace?  Self Awareness is a process of cleansing and purification of your character; God wants you to see the good, bad and ugly close and upfront.  Much of what gets in the way is how your past conditioned you to react to people, things and situations; you feel justified in your flesh to "get back" at someone, where the grace of God will have you humbly quiet yourself and allow Him to take control.  Your past issues, which are likely tied to painful thoughts will more times than not cause you to slip back into a comfort zone of warfare, you take the stance of preparing for battle.  However, it's not always the correct approach or warranted, it's the state of past pain visiting your present.  You cannot effectively elevate if "SELF AWARENESS" isn't dissected and brought to the surface. God is still speaking today, if we only would listen.

James 4:1-2...What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?  You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. 

When you let go of the former things that kept you from growing and maturing spiritually, God will change your speech, look, talk, walk, reaction and decisions.  Ask God to give you SELF AWARENESS, He will show you, I promose!  I Call this act of obedience freedom to be the godly woman or man that you were destined to be.  

SELF AWARENESS will humble and elevate you in God's way.  


When you consider all the fear that you have endured, it's almost unimaginable to think of laying it down.  But, Christ opened His arms to cast out all fear, just for you to come in and lay it all down.  Our fears are often what keeps us in a "stagnant" comfort  zone.  But, whatever it takes, lay it down. What has man to fear?  God has not given us the spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound mind.  The love says that He really does care that you don't live in fear, power is that you are able to subdue anything brought on by the adversary and a sound mind, says that you will operate out of the mind of Christ.  Fear will keep you bound so that you don't reach your full potential, you may have some hiccups but it's not meant to defeat you.  You may not understand everything all the time, but because Christ has sheilded you, you will be protected even in your mistakes.  The greatest thing you can conquer is fear, it is sent by the father of lies to thwart your Kingdom assignment.  The greater the fear that rest within you, the greater the opportunity to conquer and manifest in the promises of God.  What has man to fear?  What power has fear over man?  Psalms 56:7...“In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” 

The spirit of fear is associated with being punished, so in your subconscious you think that if you step out on faith, even knowing that God loves you, you will be punished in some sort of way, be it failure, persecution or let down.

Isaiah 41:10...“Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”   SELAH.

When you totally let go of your fear and fully submit to God's love for you, there is a supernatural experience that occurs and it releases you into a godly sphere of influence and protection. ALL MY FEARS; LAY IT DOWN TODAY.

~RWM...healing a generation of people




Often times you may feel very alone in your journey, wanting and waiting for another to affirm you, but often times, it never comes.  If you are to build up your confidence and stand on the truth and promises of God, then you will have to know and accept that your walk may be a lonely journey.  Part of being whole and healthy, is accepting that you know that God has called you to this place and you won't take your eyes off of Him.  When you believe that your purpose and/or validation is based upon another's opinion of you, then you will persist in an unhealthy state of mind.  When you have a made up mind that you may have to walk alone at times, it is a sign that you are walking with Christ and trusting in His unchanging hand!  This place of maturation is a must for the one that wants to break loose from the bondage of needing others to affirm, quailify or validate you.  The trick of the adversary is to keep you in a "needy" place, which ultimately causes you to miss out on key growth steps to your destiny.  Each time you take a step towards trusting in Christ, even if that means doing it alone, you become stronger, wiser and healthier.  When you look for others to validate you, essentially, you make yourself "weak" and dependent upon others to make what Christ is able to do for you.  I called these tactics, "self willing" your way to your destiny; you become dependent upon your own devises as well as others.  It will never be enough if you rely on another to validate you, it will never be enough if seek out others to affirm you; only what you do for Christ will last. 


IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH...until you allow Christ to validate you, who you are and what you are called to do in the Kingdom of God.


~RWM...healing a generation of people!



Possessing the gift from God is connected to your ability to freely give your heart to God without any reservation.  What do I mean you may ask?  Well, often times we ask God to supply our needs, but our heart isn't fully yielded to Him; in fact, we maintain possession of the "impure" part of our heart and that is the very thing that keeps us from possessing ALL.  You know how you throw your arms up to God and say, "use me Father, I am yours?"  God is saying, you have not yielded all to me, you have held onto the bitterness of that person over there to the right, or you have held onto resentment of that person over there to the left.  We cannot fully possess when we are subconsciously holding onto an ought or ill feelings of another person. That one area of our heart is what will keep you from possessing the greatest gift from our Father.  When you cleanse yourself of all unrigtheousness, you have to trust that God will care after your heart and issues, so you must let go of everything.  Proverb 3:5-7... Trust in the Lord with  ALL your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.  Do  Yes,Yes 

Yes, it comes down to yielding, trusting and submitting your ways fully to God.  There is no such thing as being holy and having a half pure heart.  The heart is most deceiving and wicked yet, if you yield to God, He will cleanse it and make it right.  Possess the gift through the cleansing of your heart 



Washing over your pain

~Healing waters~


As I continue in 5AM prayer, I can sense that God is offering His rivers of healing water that flows from heaven.  Many of you have been wounded and the pain causes you to feel doubt and hopelessness.  Your tears in the night have washed over your joy.  But, God's word says in Mal 4:2.. But, for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. God is saying, though weeping may endure for a while, your joy shall come with the rising of the sun, and it shall wash over your pain and bring forth healing.  The pain can run deep for many and healing on many levels is needed.  I believe that God is beckoning us to become whole.  His love and healing is washing over your deep pain and the hidden saddness that created ungodly roots in your heart.  We have to allow God into our heart chamber with wide arms and let him do surgery and repair the breach.  For some, the greater the rank in ministry the deeper the hidden pain travels, but for your too, God is beckoning you to be healed as well.

In His presence

God's presence is so profound during this time.  I can sense a great shroud of His glory encompassing those that diligently seek Him.  I do believe this is a time when if the People of God would seek Him and turn from their wicked ways, we shall hear from Him and we will see the land healed.  There is no greater time than now to make the decision to enter into a place of close covenant and the reward shall be great.  We are in a time when many are lawed asleep and have fallen into apostacy for whatever reason or because of distraction.  However, when we are in close covenant, we can see the snare of the adversary that seeks to separate us from the love of God.  When we see a rise in this spirit (Belial), we know that God is seeking the faithful, those that will enter into that secret place and hide under the wings of the almighty.  Do this day what cannot wait another day, posture yourself for the shaking of His glory cloud upon those that are in position to receive.



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